Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ahh, here's the snow

We got a bit of snow back in October, but after several weeks without snow, with high winds, and with below average temperatures, hardly any of it was left. Here are a few pics I took on the Elliott Hwy during my Fairbanks trip last week, it's definitely not normal to be able to see so much of the grass and trees in December. And we're losing light fast, I barely had enough time to make the drive in during daylight... these pics were taken at NOON on a "sunny" day.

Well, it looks like Mr. Snow finally figured out where he was supposed to be, because we're currently being dumped on. Ripley is in heaven.

And it doesn't look like the snow will be stopping anytime soon:

Screenshot of Forecast for 12/12/12
It's been snowing since early yesterday morning, and this morning the weather observatory at University of Fairbanks noted a record 24-hour snowfall of 4.1 inches... beating the previous record of 3.0 inches this day back in 1991. The major factor in this winter storm is warmer weather (above zero), as it is too cold to snow at lower negative temperatures.

As a result of the extended period of cold weather without a blanket of insulating snow, river ice depths throughout the area are higher than normal... the ice on the Tanana River at Manley is currently reported at 33 inches.