Monday, August 13, 2012

West side -- Done!

In spite of all the rain delays, we've finally finished the western porch and have the western roof felted and shingled up to the ridge. Today, we're starting on the eastern porch. With any luck (and continued clear weather!), that one will go up much faster than the first one and we'll have the whole roof felted and shingled by the end of the month.

My back is mostly fine now, just have to be careful not to twist while carrying something heavy or to sit down too hard since my tailbone is still a bit bruised. True to form, I've gone on to damage myself on other projects... like slamming my right index finger in the truck door while we were in Fairbanks picking up more lumber and our new range (thanks, Mam!!). It's a lovely shade of indigo and I'll likely lose the nail, but I can still bend it and just have to be careful not to jam it on anything. Thank goodness I'm ambidextrous!  (whether I'm ambi by nature or because I'm constantly smashing my hands is another question altogether!)

Our new range is awesome... or would be if we'd known, while we were still in Fairbanks near a hardware store, that it had an odd-size gas fitting and that we needed to get an adapter for our LPG line to hook it up. Ah well, we'll get that next time we're in town; but in the meantime, the range looks gorgeous in our kitchen :)

We also got a visit from some of our followers, Jeff & Betty, who are vacationing in Alaska.It was nice meeting them and talking about our adventures. Unfortunately, we got stuck in Fairbanks with a busted catalytic converter and couldn't make it back down here to hook up with them again. We cut out the cats and installed straight-pipes (no emmissions regulation in our neck of the woods!) so the truck is running again at full power, but one of the new joins worked loose on the exceptionally bumpy way back home due to all the road work, and we need to fix that again before we head into the village again. Hopefully, Jeff & Betty aren't still sitting at the Roadhouse waiting on us :(