Monday, June 13, 2011

Checking In

Just a quick check in to let you all know we're still alive and kicking :)

Spring rains have finally hit us, none too early since fire season started with a bang this year. So far, nothing out our way to worry about. Knock on wood! We're glad for the rain, but our trail and yard had just finally started to dry out from breakup :(

We're now back to working on our cabin instead of dealing with other random stuff. Progress is, of course, slower than we'd like; but there is light at the end of the tunnel if we can just keep moving! Drywalling the gambrel ceiling is proving most difficult, especially since nothing is perfectly square or plumb and a lot of the rafters are just slightly warped/bowed/twisted enough to force us to drive the screws in sideways to attach the panels. But we do have the lower rafters covered and the end walls up, so today we'll be tackling the upper rafters.

We've decided to move in after finishing the upstairs rather than waiting until we're totally done inside (I know, I know, we'll never really "finish" now after moving in). So I'll be taping, mudding and painting while G sands/planes the exposed joists downstairs and gets temp electrics sorted. Then we'll tackle the tongue & groove floor. Then we can move everything from the tent into the loft, sort something out with all the stuff that is currently stored downstairs and get started down there.

Hopefully drywall on the downstairs will go easier. Still debating whether we should do all the flooring upstairs and down in one go to avoid pet prints in the poly downstairs, and so we can have the stairs in properly before we move in. I was trying to get the walls and ceilings all done first so that I didn't have to worry so much about spilling on a finished floor, but now that we have stuff stored in the cabin I have to use dropclothes anyway.

Sometimes the hardest part of DIY out here is deciding what order to do things in to be most effective, especially when the schedule keeps slipping.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear of your progress. I have a 4 year plan to move to Alaska for some of the same reasons you have mentioned on your earlier posts. I enjoy hearing of your progress. Have you ever read the book "Artic Homestead" by Norma Cobb? You would enjoy it. It is about a family in the 70's moving to the bush (true story-of course) Norma Cobb was the last person to obtain land as a homesteader from the Alaska govt. I would send you my copy if you are interested.-Cristi Craig-Edwards

CottonLady said...

Thanks for popping in...I have been wondering how you have been doing. Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy. Glad you have the rain. Fires here in Texas are horrible-over 2.8 million acres so far and no beneficial rain in sight.
I enjoy keeping up with your progress.