Friday, June 3, 2011

Sled Dog?

Now what was I supposed to do with this thing again?
Poor Ripley, she's so confused, the heat must really be getting to her :)


SouthCoast Guy said...

It looks like she is waiting for someone to pull it for her

Anonymous said...

Ripley looks like she is adjusting to being supported in a manner to which she hopes to become accustomed... he he. Jennifer

Geneva in Missouri said...

Maybe she wants you to fill it with water so she'll cool off!!!

My four dogs have a pool here in Missouri. Just one of those small hard plastic kids pools. 2 of them just drink out it (it doubles as their water dish), one will walk around in it and one will plop right down and splash around (usually just before I let them back into the house...)

My rottie Bubba is all black and he doesn't handle the heat well. He's glad the living room (the only room in the house they are allowed in) has tile floor and floor registers. He comes in, plops down so his belly and chin are on the floor right in front of a floor register to take full advantage of the air conditioning. It's usually several hours before he moves or wants to go out again. On the hottest days I have a large bowl of ice water in the living room for them. I'm about to set up a large box fan on their covered deck and that might help too.

Not that my dogs are spoiled or anything.