Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snowing... Again... Really

We have gotten some serious snow this year. We have snow up to the doorstep... which is over 2' off the ground and we even shoveled that area!! All our paths look like canyons carved through the snow just wide enough to get the sled through. I must have shoveled at least 10 tons of snow between clearing paths, excavating our stored supplies, and digging the truck out of drifts. There are drifts up to my chest in the woods around us, and most places are at least up to my hips when I punch through the hard pack. CRAZY.

And wouldn't you know, after clearing a whole bunch more while it was sunny and melty last week... it's decided to snow AGAIN. So far, we've gotten at least another 8-9 inches this weekend and it's still coming down hard.  I swear shoveling and snow must be like washing your car and rain.

Other than the return of the sun and temps mostly above zero, you sure wouldn't guess that it's nearly April. Other folks down in the L48 are already harvesting their early garden crops and we can't even see the tops of most saplings much less any soil. I'm betting that we're going to have a long squelchy mucky boggy break up again this year. The truck is already parked at the top of the driveway because of the snow, maybe it's time we took her up to the road before everything turns to mud.

Coming Soon to a Homestead Near You... Lake Wardle v3.0 -- JOY!!


Anonymous said...

we normally get give or take around 40 to 50 inches per year... this yr we have just around 14 feet out here where I am... It hasnt been pretty. Got to give you the wind cause we have only had 3 days and one bad one all yr vs our normal of 2weeks on 3 days of snow, 2weeks on... you know. Im worried about our lakes to come... standing snow here ... everywhere is 4+packed feet. at least to the bottom of my semi trailer. My plowing has given me piles that are 5feet tall and about 40 x50 feet... and we are talking 5 of those... I will have to post somewhere our lakes... we will have to canoe to the dog lot here soon. LOL


Unknown said...

The weather has been crazy in the Lower 48 too!

In fact, we just *finally* got out of our rainy season which happened about 2-3 months later than normal.

Geneva in Missouri said...

Hey guys! I'm still in mid-Missouri (sigh). We had a mega mild winter here this year. My strawberry plants never turned brown or died back even without a layer of straw! The ticks never went away much less the fleas. If we had snow, it was a light dusting that melted within hours. We had 80 degree weather in March and are now getting back into the lower 40's at night. Damn annoying weather - driving my sinuses crazy! My aches and pains have gotten much much worse and, while I haven't given up my Alaska dream, I probably won't ever live my Alaska dream. Sigh.... keep the posts coming when you can and feel like it. Hope you find your camera do-hickey cause I'd love to see more pics!!!