Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waking up with the fishies

OK I lied, it wasn't fishies, it was a bear.

So to relate the whole event, I was tucked up in bed, when I heard Ripley go completely nuclear. I thought she was going to go shooting through the door.

Anyway up we both pop, awake from slumber, Plick is a little quicker off the mark and goes to check on the dog, then says "BEAR!" so I take a peek out the upstairs window. Yup it's a bear alrighty, quite a largeish Blackie, he's taking a look and probably in the market for munchies.

Well I'm hearing the dog still barking like a thing that barks a lot, so's the bear. He walks forward a ways then back, then makes a stumbling run back, then stops facing east on two front paws, and one hind paw, the other doing some kind of ankle cross. Well during this I'm grabbing for my rifle thinking of a bear filet, and Plicks trying for the camera (note the priorities). Well thats when he moves forwards and is parallel with our 4 wheeler, he was about the same size too, maybe less broad, but same height and length. I cracked the window to take out the screen, and he bolted.

I blame the ant bait we put down, smells great, but obviously that can be a problem out here. Now it's time to go check on the neighbors place and dog, we haven't seen them in a few days, but they could just be away, or we just haven't seen them.

Well it's not everyone who can say they were woken up by a bear this morning, and at the same time feel good they weren't still living in a wall tent. Speaking of which that needs a check too.


Marybeth said...

Darn that would have been a great source of meat for you guys. The screen noise must have been a warning lol

BTW I love that you're posting more often. I tend to worry when you're gone a long time. Hopefully you'll get your camera working soon.

Anonymous said...

You know if you had a black bear license he could have been put up for food for the summer... :-)

Dan in CA said...

I know work boots have evolved over the last 60 plus years, for our first years in Canada all we had was leather. As the trappers would get a bear now and then they would render the fat for dressing. Stunk like hell but did turn the water.

Gungnir said...

Yep guys I know, you can eat bear, and use bear grease on everything. Did I mentioned I was grabbing for my rifle? When you've just woken up and are about 20 yards from the bear, you don't want to trust in slugging it with a shottie.

We do have licenses and just have to file harvest reports for the three we're eligible to take a year (that's 6 for our family).

Jason J said...

I want to see picures

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Where are you? haven't heard anything in awhile miss your posts!