Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy (snowing) Easter!

It's Easter, and while that means Spring for most people, it's snowing like crazy here!  Should make the egg hunt interesting ;)  We wish you all a happy holiday and a lovely spring!

April is Autism Awareness Month

Please visit the Autism Society website to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders, the people affected by them, and what you can do to help. Keep in mind that children born with autism grow up to be adults with autism :D


Stone said...

Found this blog while searching for "living off the grid in Alaska" I have enjoyed reading it. Props to you guys for making the move and making it happen. Very impressive. Stay Warm!

Quinton said...

We are planning a trip across the lower 48 and to Alaska starting in July. We are bringing our vehicle by ferry to Homer and then to where ever we think we will enjoy. We have ordered several tour guides and will just play it by ear. we are also asking for any advice that we can get. We are very excited about this trip.

Plickety Cat said...

Quinton, I'm sure you'll love your AK vacation and July is probably the best month for weather ;)

One tip - DEET, and lots of it. If you're going to be hiking around outside the few urban area, then the mosquitoes will be out in full force!

Elizabeth said...

I've enjoyed your blog very much!It's given us a lot of guidance as we'll be moving to Manley Hot Springs this summer. We also have a son with autism. :)