Friday, May 31, 2013

Snow to 85 in only 30 days

Yes, folks, only in Alaska can you go from below freezing with snow to 85 and roasting in only a month... and be under red-flag fire warnings and severe flood watchs at the same time :D

But, hey, at least it's nice and windy. With all the windows open, the cabin isn't quite a kiln -- although you don't want to spend too much time in the loft! The wind also helps keep the skeeters at bay when we're outside, even if our winter-bleached fish-belly skin still sizzles like bacon!

No wonder we're both down with a horrible head cold. G-man is also suffering from major "spruce fever" on top of that, poor baby. Ripley is blowing her coat like a dandelion on meth and miserable. She's dug a hole under the cabin so she can wallow in the cold mud in the shade. Even Jackson is sprawled out in the shade like a puddle of ink (yes, cats can lose their bones and get really flat!!) trying to catch as much wind as possible.

With the head cold, we had to postpone our trip into Fairbanks until next week. Judging from the forecasts, we're likely to be driving through a forest fire, the road will be flooded out, or it will be raining... maybe all three at once or one right after the other, a lot can change in 150 miles and all those elevation changes. JOY!!!

But really, I am NOT complaining. After 3 summers of gray and rain, I'm totally happy with the current hot, sunny, windy weather. Despite the increase in fire risk, we desperately need this dry spell to help with all the mud! If this continues, maybe all our trouble spots will finally harden up like they were the first summer we were out here. Solid ground and a dry trail that will support vehicles and equipment makes projects go soooooo much easier.

Now, if we could only figure out whether the large critter we've heard crunching through the brush for the last couple of days is a moose or a bear....


Unknown said...

These days, it's not just in Alaska. The weather all over is crazy! I'm trying not to get too excited when it gets warm because two days later it will be cold again. At least it doesn't get as cold here in CA as it does in the Midwest where some of my friends live.

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Just trying to get caught up here finally!Its been raining really hard in the Midwest and we cant get a break here in Texas.Its not gonna happen.We had 2 days of 100 degrees.Yeah I wouldn't mind being chilly right no lol.Its pretty dry all over in the rest of the states.Our truck broke down and we had to get another so now we are having to wait about moving.Tried to talk hubstead to move there and he said in no certain terms NOT!He hates the cold. oh well,glad you are doing better and happy to hear from ya!Hope you get better soon too,a cold is a nasty thing to have.

Quinton said...

I truly believe that West Virginia has some of the best weather in the world. Hot days and cool nights in the summer and not too cold in the winter and lovely springs and falls. We liked Texas but the weather can be brutal. I could not take the long winters of Alaska.

Anonymous said...

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