Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMG the tent is finally complete

Just to add to the words my wife put in.

Building a wall tent sucks, this morning I feel like I've been in a Cannibal Corpse mosh pit, but with a great deal more sense of achievement. Oh and a bad case of sunburn, I look totally redneck (apologies to those who take exception to this description)

We had a few moments of friction with each other while doing this, but it was a good test, and thank god for power tools (which will be becoming more scarce in the next few months onwards). Overall we have a few bumps and bruises too (note to self tell the other person you're moving something so you don't smack them in the mouth accidentally).

Anyway 50 days from today the grand adventure kicks off, I'm surprisingly excited, up to this point I've been a little concerned.

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