Friday, June 5, 2009

Continuing tent adventures

After leaving the tent up for several days, wetting and drying, the shrinkage had finally stabilized. We were lucky, the frame didn't need to be cut down any more and the canvas fits snug enough not to flap much but not tight enough to put pressure on the seams. Yippee.

It was a lot easier to take her down than it was to put her up, and I managed to remove the canvas, dismantle the frame and fold her up (into a nice tidy bundle, thank you) all by my little lonesome. Of course, I needed DH to help me carry it back inside, but I made this simpler by rigging up a carry harness out of some spare hardware. I think it will be much simpler to put her back up next time now that we know what we're doing and have done it twice already! I think, other than actually picking it up and carrying it, one person could probably set her up with a little extra effort if they had to... good to know.

This weekend will be busy again... we got our "mega" food delivery and will need to process all that into vacuum bags and storage buckets. I'll share all the gorey details and pics once we're done!

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