Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photos and first days

We moved into the wall tent Sunday afternoon, and Plickety rolled over Monday morning and told me to "fix the fire, man!" We're still getting the hang of the wood stove and even though the afternoon temps have been very warm, nights and mornings are still rather chilly. Monday morning, the temp inside the tent was about 35 degrees F and Charlie was huddled inside Plickety's sleeping bag with her and few HotSnapz instant body warmers. Otherwise, it's been really nice to finally be out on our property.

As promised earlier, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

The view out the bedroom window at the rental cabin.

The view north from our "bedroom" window.

The view south from our "living room" window.
(and me being a lumberjack cutting down "deadites" [dry standing trees] for firewood)

Our first sunset at the property.

Our first sunrise at the property.

My "Jeremiah Johnson" improvised log jack for cutting trees down into firewood size chunks with the chainsaw.

Our "kitchen" and "bathroom" (still haven't moved all our stuff in from storage yet)

Our front deck and the nifty stairs Plickety built on our first day.

Our deluxe indoor composting privy that Plickety built.
No frigid outhouses for us -- one morning sitting on a frosty seat outside was enough!

Now that things have settled down a little and fall is here, we'll try to get some more random pictures of the scenery for you all as well as proper photos of the wall tent once it's all set up with furniture, etc.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pictures - really looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing everything covered in white - although you may not be.

I continue to be amazed at PlicketyCat's talents - building stairs and an indoor privy! You have married an amazing woman - and you can tell her I said so! ;-)

Your current living accommodations look interesting. That tent seems a bit thin for the upcoming weather - how will you insulate it for the winter?

makfz2 said...

My boyfriend and I are moving to Alaska for the summer and then considering continuing our lives somewhere sustainably off the grid. Did you buy your tent cabin or build and design it yourself? Any tips on developing a tent cabin?