Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick note, on living in a tent at extreme temperatures...

Ok I woke up this morning, the tent was 37 degrees fahrenheit (2.7C), and restarted the fire... Cold indeed.

I'm currently in Fairbanks for the day, since we need some more stuff including our battery array from ABS Alaska. The drive in was incredible, even at the slightly higher than likely safe speeds I travel at. The hills and mountains are covered in an icing sugar white at the tops, and as you drive along you see "glass" tree's that are covered in ice and look just like glass. Its awesome, one of the many magical things that Alaska has re-opened my eyes to, and it's easy to forget to stop every now and again and take a look at the nature here, and the beauty.

Anyway, Trucks re-oiled for another 3k miles... Off to find other merchandise to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

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Cortez said...

We are very impressed by your adventurous spirit, and enjoy reading your blog. We are living in Saudi Arabia, and dream of living of the grid. Take Care.

Rob & Family