Sunday, January 3, 2010

13 Reasons Why Cats are Cooler than Dogs

  • They don't eat poop.
  • They're quiet and reserved.
  • They're small and light.
  • They're content to amuse themselves.
  • They don't eat poop.
  • They don't need to be let in and out every twenty minutes.
  • They won't gorge themselves with an auto-feeder, and they eat less.
  • They don't jump up on you and knock you over in the snow when you're carrying an armload of firewood... or a running chainsaw.
  • They don't eat poop.
  • They may not obey, but they rarely do anything stupid or dangerous or destructive enough to make obedience important.
  • They rarely suffer from separation anxiety. They could care less whether you're there most of the time.
  • They don't jump around, get over-excited, or piddle themselves when people visit. Most people will never even know you have a cat.
  • They don't eat poop!


Kim said...

Happy New Year you guys..........long time no speak!!Hope you are both ok - sounds like you are, as well as busy.
Long lost Sis

Anonymous said...

LOL! As someone who is owned by a cat but who has experience with daughter's dogs, I can totally relate!

However, when the chips are down, the cat won't defend you against any bad guys. Something to think about. ;-)

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

We had dogs on our farm when I was a child. We used them to herd our cattle, they were great help. The dogs used to eat steaming piles of fresh cow s..., er, well, you know what I'm talking about. Then they wanted to lick your face. ewww.

got firewood?

Stay warm!


geneva in missouri said...

I came across your blog last night via a link on city-data. I'm nearly finished reading the entire thing and it has opened my eyes but not dampered my desire (obsession?) to move to AK. Hadn't thought the clothing part out completely, for example. Hummmm.....

This post had me rolling on the floor. I'm a crazy cat lady who also has 4 dogs (2 large, 2 small). Apparently my cat's are as strange as I am because they don't fit the mold!!! I kicked one cat out of the house because he wouldn't shut up (don't worry, he lives very happily in the yard and won't walk through an open door even for a dish of milk). I have had cats who would climb my legs as I walked and if I let them, wouldn't stop until they were riding on my shoulder. Another likes to hit and run... he ambushes me and smacks my ankle then runs off wanting me to chase. Another cat got booted out after destroying the daybed mattress and my bed... "If ya aren't going to use the litter box, get out!". She's also happy outside. I have one that will shred the legs of visitors if he doesn't get petted and another that flirts without mercy. And I have several who have trained me to let them in and out every twenty minutes....
I hope to make a 'cat house' on my property - a warm structure they can get into but big things like dogs can't.... On the other hand, I have an 80 lb rottie who thinks he's a cat.... Did I mention the 2 year old cat that races around growling like a dog when people visit?

Plickety Cat said...

Geneva - I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. We try to make it entertaining as well as sharing a candid view of what it's really like to "go it alone" -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope that anyone reading our entries are like you... still excited about coming, but more aware of some things they need to plan for.

We over-planned for somethings and under-planned for others, and totally got our timing messed up on even more :D May our trials and experiments continue to help and amuse others!!!

Pets truly are little personalities unto themselves, and sometimes forces of nature. Ripley still thinks that she is a chihuahua/jack russell mix who can sit in my lap and bounce around like popcorn... instead of a still-growing 105 lb malamute/akita who doesn't fit in the chair much less my lap and can easily knock me over jumping around. But at least she has stopped eating poop :D Charlie is spending more time wandering outside on the deck and has occasionally been found with her feet on actual terra firma... I think she's trying to runaway from home (and the dog). We only really worry about her being outside because she is the perfect tender morsel size for the owls, hawks, coyotes, etc out here. Basically, in Alaska, pets smaller than 20 lbs need to be indoors or at the very least protected in kennels with *top screening* or else they become a snack.

Dawg said...

You make a very good point!
Also - could you imagine the egyptians worshipping dogs?? I don't think so! ;)