Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Veritable Heat Wave

Well, it's about 10F today and when you're working out in the sun and out of the breeze, it's downright toasty.  I actually had to stop ramming trees and peel off entire layers because I was sweating like a dog... not just unzip, but remove. And I didn't have that many layers on to start with! If I'd removed any more, I'd've been out there in just my thin silky thermals.  It's the first time this winter I've had to come inside for a break in order to cool down :D

This sunny warmness is supposed to last for a few days (at least), so hopefully we can get more of the driveway cleared and stock up on firewood so we're well ahead of our burn rate again. It'll be nice to be able to work on the homestead projects instead of just planning them. With any luck, we'll actually have most of larger trees cleared out of the "driveway" so we can run the brush cutter as soon as the snow melts and the mud dries... which would leave us a lot more time to focus on scouting building sites and getting the shanty up this summer.

We're hoping to get a couple raised beds started for the garden this year, too. We'll be a bit late planting, so don't know if we'll get much of a harvest, but it will be nice to feel like we're making some amount of progress towards food independence. We might even get lucky and have this summer's major projects finished, or at least at a good stage, so one or both of us can afford to go out hunting and fishing some this summer/fall. We can all have dreams, right?! LOL

Now, if only it would warm up enough (and stay that way!) so I didn't have to wear gumby gloves and franken boots!  You know you're living the good and simple life when you anxiously await the return of manual dexterity.  Of course, it'll also be extraordinarily nice to be able to spend more time outside than it actually takes to get dressed to go outside ;)


Anonymous said...

Ah, that "Indian Summer" shtick. I remember we had those in ND in January most years. Then Mother Nature would slam the hammer down again for 3 - 4 more months!

Enjoy it while you can - I'm sure it will be brief. :)

From what I've seen of the weather on the East coast, you guys are on the good side of the storm clouds these days. Portions of the East coast are being slammed with the most snow they've had since they started keeping records.

Good luck with your garden this year. All that fresh food stuff will be good for ya! ;)

sail-dive said...

I really like working at the sawmill when the temps are around 20deg F. It's not muddy and the workis just physical enough to stay comfortably warm. I shrink at the thought of working at below 0deg tho'. After 30 years in south Texas we are enjoying being able to hunker down in our cozy WV cabin and look out at the snow cover mountains...but I could not do what you two are doing.