Monday, March 29, 2010

Attack of the killer dishboard

We have one of those nifty little wire racks to dry the dishes on. Unfortunately, we don't have any countertops in the tent, so we have to store it on the floor under the shelves that hold the dish tubs and the galvanized bucket we use as a sink. Ok, this dishboard sticks out maybe 1" from the outside edge of the shelving unit. Normally, I miss it entirely when I'm trying to squeeze between my chair and the sink; but it's been really windy lately and the walls have been flapping, which pushed it out a just little bit farther than normal.

So, this afternoon, as I'm getting out of my chair for a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, the curly cup-holder spindle thingy on the rack grabs my sock and won't let go. Of course, everything is packed in so tightly that the dishboard can't really move and follow me, so it's basically a spring trap! After fighting for my balance, and trying not to knock anything over, I started to take a header right toward the woodstove.  Face + piping hot stove top = BAD. I reached out just in time to save my face... but torched the ever-loving jeepers out of my hand instead.

After G unhooked the deadly dishboard from my sock, he ran outside and filled a mixing bowl with snow. I spent most of the afternoon and evening with my hand in that snow. I have first degree burns on the outside edge of my right palm and all my fingertips, with second degree burns from the pad down to the second digit on my middle and ring finger. My thumb, thankfully, was spared.

Thank goodness I'm ambidextrous, since I'm having to do most everything with my left hand. Typing is fun(and slow) since I can't really use my right hand if I have to bend my fingers and can only use the edges anyway. At least I can fully still use my thumb, or else I'd have a really hard time getting my pants up and down! 

Don't think I can figure out how to use a right-handed chainsaw safely with only my left-hand; so much for clearing trail for awhile :(  I'm not going to be much use to G in any of the firewood fun either, since my left shoulder was the one that was wiggy before and it's still a bit weak. I'm not even much use just standing there with the shot gun on look out for the bears that are starting to wake up... I can shoot left-handed no problem, but I can't control the kick-back from those bear slugs one handed.   #$%&%#$%!  If it's not one thing, it's another!!!  grrrr

At least I can say one thing... life as an uncoordinated spaz is never boring!


Linda Foley said...

Ouch!!! Hope it heals up FAST!

Anonymous said...

Y'know P-Cat, if'n you didn't want to clear any more trail, you just coulda told G that.

Also: OUCH. How are you coping w/the pain?

And I sympathize with spazzlife. One of my Dad's nicknames for me was "the semi-clutz"...

Quick Recovery!!

Viva -- Sager

Gungnir said...

You know, what I said about it was that while I appreciate that PC didn't do this on purpose, if she'd wanted to do something that wasn't too serious that would take her completely out of action for a couple of weeks, then what she did was ideal. :)

No she's actually doing really well, and not hurting too badly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your accident. My hope is that your hand will heal in good time. Hopefully, there will be warm weather and less need of fire wood.