Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snug as a bug

Temps have been hovering between 25 and 45 below all this week, with only a few hours of daylight. The darkness is normal, but this cold snap is lasting just a little longer than expected. We normally have 3 or 4 days hovering around -40 in December and then it warms back up to a respectable -10/-20 range that you can work in. We're hoping the snap ends soon since we're not playing macho this year and trying to work in the bitter cold.

The first winter you're here, almost everyone with any stones tries to prove that they can tough it out when it's cold. A lot of that is down to shear ignorance of just how fast the cold can kill you, but a good bit is just down to making your stand against Mother Nature. But once you prove to yourself that you can do it and survived the weather the first winter, you wise up and stay inside when it's bitter outside. You've already proven that you can manage it if you absolutely need to, so there's nothing to gain by putting yourself at risk when it's not necessary.

So other than emptying slop and ash buckets, and splitting and stacking a little firewood, we're staying inside with the woodstove... and the propane heater now and then as well since we don't need to tough it out at only 55 in the tent while we're recuperating from this gnarly flu.

The cabin will still be there when it warms up a little, and the work will still need to get done; but in the meantime we're staying toasty and getting lots of rest. Figure once we warm up a little again, we can get back to work all rejuvenated instead of being worn down and dragging ass. If we move in before Christmas or New Year's that'll be great, if not... oh well!! 


ezrablu said...

Great post and very good attitude and advice. You guys are doing so great up there.
We are having unusually early and cold weather here in Wisconsin, too. We just came out of a blizzard this morning and this really cold for this early in the winter.
Hang tight and keep that positive'll get there. We're all rooting for ya down here :o)))

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, you have toughed out a winter in a tent before. There is no need to kill yourselves over the cabin.

Thanks for the updates and hope everyone is feeling better and getting some rest.

Wishing you warmer weather!!

Marybeth said...

That sounds like a great plan. Good Luck and stay warm!!!

Connie and Barry said...

I agree with all the posters above. Take a break and take care of yourselves. Geeze, I can't even imagine living in your kind of temps. It's to get down into the 20's where we live in PA and we're freezing! Thank heavens for our outside woodfurnace.

Love reading your blog! Sending warm wishes your way!

Anonymous said...

good for you guys!!!
stay warm!

carlos said...

so cold!!
in all this time... how many times did you figure / feel you where in another planet?
stay inside, please
do bear's life


Anonymous said...

Winds shifted today and we went from -5 to 23 from sun up to almost sun down. We are south of you but hopefully you will see a little of this 'warmth' before it is due to get cold again mid-week.
Get well!!