Monday, January 10, 2011

Moderating comments for a while

Due to certain circumstances, all commenting will be moderated for a period.

Sorry if this causes any problems.


Linda Foley said...

That's fine with me - most blogs I comment is moderated.

Anonymous said...

Well, as a follower, we are sorry you are having to moderate but we truly understand. We all really love your story and we live it thru osmosis!

Anonymous said...

Understandable. Like Linda, most blogs I frequent moderate comments. Jennifer

Susan Stevenson said...

I moderate comments too, but have it set up where once I approve someone's comment, they can continue to post without being moderated. This way I catch the riff-raff. It also cuts down/eliminates anonymous comments.

Totally understood why you're doing this.

Gungnir said...

Well blogger lets you do that with registered users, however this does force people to register with either OpenID or with Blogger, neither of which I think are necessary, if people are just mindful of the rest of the community that we've organically created here.

It would also be nice to remove certain content, we like to keep this hovering around PG-13 (sometimes a little higher aged sometimes lower), however blogger doesn't believe in this, and I can understand why since the contributors can change the entire meaning of someone's post by editing it.

Unfortunately certain people don't consider either of these things when they're posting, so instead we need to spend a little more time making sure that peoples comments are at least vetted prior to publishing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is a positive milestone for your blog. You have attracted enough registered followers (and lurkers like me who admire, appreciate and cheer on what you are doing)to encounter the occasional poster who had burned toast for breakfast. You will perhaps want to join me in wishing him well -- elsewhere.

This is a good, clean blog that is a straight up adventure story. Horace Greely would be proud of the two of you, I think. You have displayed True Grit in the best American tradition. You have an independent streak about you that is appealing.

Please keep us posted on your progress. It's clear that lots of us are interested in what you are doing -- and in your well-being. Speaking for myself, I've sort of become addicted to your "chronicles" and I'm really glad you decided to share your adventures with us.

It's the dead of winter right now, but the spring thaw will be here soon (ugh, mud & skeeters!) and you can finish that cabin and get settled in. Then the real work begins, such as setting up raised bed gardens and seriously amending that awful soil so you can grow enormous cabbages and basketball sized onions as side dishes to the Moose steak you hunt with your subsistence licences.

Your blog makes me wish I was 20 years younger, for I would love to do what you are doing. Since that's not feasible, I content myself with following your blog -- and raising somewhat smaller but tasty cabbages here in Central Texas.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know there are more than 90 who follow you as I have not checked the follow box or registered.

Too bad about the one bad apple in the bunch, but know there are many more than 90 who are enjoying your updates and wishing you all the success in the world.

What I would like to think I could do, you are living everyday which is an inspiration to me.

Thanks for sharing a small window into your lives.

carlos said...

many more than 90!

see guys?
you are inspiring people, making them live adventures in their minds and catalyzing dreams...
this is not art?



Georganne said...

I like that in Word Press, you can edit people's comments. It could be a possible form of entertainment if the right asshats tried to post ugly comments.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you either. I just turned off commenting on my blog because of the spammers.

Best Wishes.

Fred in Montana

Anonymous said...

Watching you guys, with admiration, from Australia. Looking forward to pics of the finished cabin.

Stay safe.

Eric, Florida said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

Just hope that the occasional asshat doesn't turn you off from posting.

I do have one question that maybe you can address in a future post.

How does hunting, and especially "sustenance" hunting work when you live up there. I would love to hear about how tags, licenses, etc. Work for the locals. The AK State site does give the legal, but I'm not sure I understand it's practical implications.

Hope to see updates soon again. Your cabin is fantastic, and reading your blog gives me crazy ideas... :)

Seeking Serenity said...

I miss watching the cabin go up-
I hope the weather isn't causing too much havoc. Take care. BTW your posts are never boring!

Gungnir said...


A subsistence license is primarily for fishing and it's a free permit, it allows you to use fish wheels, gill nets and long lines. In comparison to Sport Fishing which you use a rod and line. You can also trade your some of catch either as barter or for money. It is restricted in the areas that you can use it however, for instance you can't get a subsistence license in any of the cities, only in the rural areas.

A resident hunting/fishing/trapping license means you need to follow the regs, however the regs are different for residents vs. non-residents. Prices are one of the main differences (the license and the tags) as well as bag limits, and there is a low income combined license that costs something like $5 for the year the combined hunting/fishing/trapping license for a resident is under $100.

Obviously non-resident licenses are the most expensive and generally the most restrictive, including requirements for guides for certain animals and low bag limits.

Peaceful, we miss seeing it go up too, we'll get back to it when it's consistently warmer a little more.