Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Winter's Day

Sun setting to the south - 3 pm
Sun setting behind the naked Aspens - SW 3:30 pm
Sunset reflecting off hills to the north.

Sunset reflecting off hills to the north, framed by our trail.

It's been snowing a lot since it warmed up :)


Dan Lynch said...

Love the pics, PC. Fresh snow makes everything pretty, doesn't it ?

Marybeth said...

Glad it has warmed up for you. Have you guys decided to wait until spring for the cabin? Hows the hand?

carlos said...

hi PC!

great to ear from you!
beautiful pics
did you chase-trap any of those artic camo morons that where around?
how is the new mansion?
did you move allready?


Quinton said...

Pretty Pics. It looks a lot like that here in WV. Lots of snow this year. We sawed in a heavy snow yesterday. About 18 F and that was comfortable.
How warm do you keep the tent?

Anonymous said...

It looks so heavenly, It almost makes me want to run up there and buy a hunk of land. Almost! LOL

Connie and Barry said...

Thanks for posting the pictures - we just don't get sunsets like that here in PA! So colorful and beautiful!