Friday, July 20, 2012

Balance & Coordination -- >> EPIC FAIL

Ah, another glorious Aspergers moment during construction. Today while we were sheathing the porch roof, I fell through the joists, pulling the ladder and some of the scaffolding with me -- TWICE. Poor G was stuck up on the roof freaking because I took out the ladder, so he couldn't get down to check on me.

DON'T WORRY!! I'm banged up with a few bumps and bruises, but reasonably fine. Good thing I was on the deck and only fell 2 feet, instead of on the roof and falling 10 feet. Plus I have TONS of experience falling, so I'm fairly good at doing the kitty-cat mid-air twisty thing to end up with the least amount of critical damage possible.

This is my life. In addition to those social issues and sensory processing issues, probably one of the worst side-effects of having Aspergers syndrome has been my difficulties with balance, motor coordination (kinetic apraxia / dyspraxia), and knowing where my body is in relation to other things around me (proprioception). Running into doors, corners & walls; tripping over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING; stepping off stairs, curbs, ledges; setting things down too hard, or too high, or just shy... it's a thrill a minute, folks :D

And yet... I am still here, and still have all my fingers & toes, and both eyes. Granted, I've broken all my fingers & toes (and hands & feet), sprained nearly everything that can be sprained, chiropractors cringe when they look at my spinal X-rays, and I have more scars than I can count...

But, hey, the show must go on and I haven't given up yet!! I just have to do things weirdly or go slow sometimes ;)


Misty Pines Homestead said...

Oh my goodness girl.I trip alot but its because I can't see my feet because of the two huge things on my chest LOL

Plickety Cat said...

LOL Ann - I used to have that problem as well until I went under the knife to have them reduced to human proportions ;)

Wasn't like I needed yet *another* thing interfering with my ability to move like a normal person!

Anonymous said...

WOW! But your OK. That's all that counts. When we going to see some pictures? Of you guys and of the place.