Saturday, August 1, 2009

We aren't gonna be in Kansas anymore Toto

Today's the day we move our base of operations down to Manley. I'm kinda gonna miss hanging out with Kari, but we'll be back up sometime next week... and many more times before winter I'm sure. The cats are so not going to be happy being put back into a truck and spending hours on the road again, but I think they'll be happy that we're staying in the new place almost a whole month!

We managed to get all sorts of errands completed here in town, and will have to pick up some special order parts and even more stuff from the storage room when we're back next week. We'd be able to bring a heck of a lot more with us if we weren't hauling our new baby (Arctic Cat 700 EFI) along with us in the back of the truck:
She looks all cute and tiny doesn't she?! Well, she takes up almost the entire bed of our full-size Dodge Ram and adds a few hundred pounds for sure! Surprisingly (well to Mark at least) the 'Cat actually fits between the wheel wells perfectly so we can drive her into the bed without having to do anything heroic. I think we have just enough space (with some creative packing) to get the chainsaws, tools, and immediate necessities (like food and a cat box!) in the bed around her. Of course, it's a bit chilly and rainy so thank goodness for our muchness of tarps! I'm hoping that monsoon season will hold off just a few more weeks, at least until we get our trail cleared and some building underway (maybe even a roof on the shed -- please please please).
So we're off to the storage room and then back on the road! Props to Jody at Northern Power Sports, Brett at BulletProof Trailers, all the guys at 6 Robblees, all the guys at Alaska Guns & Ammo, and Melissa at Prospectors (who must have gotten me a dozen different boots from the back before we found one that fit my freaky feet -- move to Alaska, drop a shoe size?!?). Until our next installment kiddies... be well and think happy thoughts :D

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