Monday, August 24, 2009

We hit 100 yards

We don't have photo's though right now.

On Saturday we hit 100 yards of clearance, with room to turn the truck on the driveway, so no more battering ram of the tree's in the property opposite. Which is good for my nerves :)

We borrowed a Billy Goat from Jimmy Dart one of the local entrepreneurs here, for the meager price of clearing some of his 10 acres that he has with similar tundra funk we're dealing with, so we're learning the Billy Goat's idiosyncrasies on our land before spending some time on his, I do expect gas for the goat though, I'm not that happy I got the Goat.

Sunday and today PC and I have taken a couple of days off, I seem to have developed some Rotator Cuff pull or similar, in my left arm so we've taken the time to recover, which has helped it enormously, along with eating right and arnica (homopathy strikes again).

Anyway short post. Hope everyone is doing Ok.

Ciao for now

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well-deserved rest. Arnica: YAY!

Viva -- Sager