Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cold feet and other news

Sitting here before the crackling fire wondering why my feet are chilly and the stove isn't putting out as much heat as normal... maybe the fact that it's 37 degrees below zero might have something to do with it! Geez, first we lose track of time and date, now we're not even noticing when it's below -20. Guess we're adapting to bush life after all ;)

In other news, Bob Lee, the Manley Post Master and proprietor of the Manley Roadhouse and the Trading Post passed away earlier this week. He'd been suffering from cardio distress and pulmonary edema for several months, but his death has still taken everyone a bit by surprise since he still had a lot of get-up-n-go and kept working at the Trading Post right up to the end. His funeral will be held in Fairbanks, but there will be a memorial service for him in Manley which we will be attending regardless of the weather cooperating with us or not. Even though he could be a curmudgeony ol' fart at times, we always kinda liked Bob. He will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

I know how that loss of time and weather thing goes, fall for it at least one time during the winter and most of the summer.
Sorry to hear about the local curmudgeon, they are still missed dearly in our part of AK too.
One thing I seem to have come across in the bush is that we attend way too many funerals and memorial services.
Hope the New Year will bring more positive things.