Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting used to it

I guess I must be getting used to the cold. Today, after cleaning the house, I ran outside to dump the sinks and swap stuff in the storage shed wearing nothing but my pajamas, muck boots and a polar fleece pullover. Was out maybe 20-30 minutes and didn't even notice.

Today's high: 9 degrees below zero

(and yes, I cleaned, which means tomorrow there will be pictures since I also found the camera -- the tent is still a bit of a shambles, but it'll just have to do)


Jeremy and Jenny said...

It's amazing how balmy zero degrees can feel after being out in negetive 20 + wind chill.

Urbancowgrrl said...

I was just thinking how warm 33 degrees felt yesterday compared to 20 degrees from all last week. But I have been humbled!