Monday, December 7, 2009

Online Communities...

Ok so me and Plickety are members of a few online communities (Forums), and there are times when I'm left asking the question, why?

Now, I know that some of you who follow us are also members of those online communities, but there are times with these places when I find myself asking why, why am I a member of these places, since apparently there are those who are sucking my IQ points out like a big 455 cubic inch engine from the early 70's sucks gasoline.

Let's mention some topics, some idiot who said that people in financial institutions were paid their vastly inflated bonuses because they were worth more... Worth more than what? I mean come on is the guy that stupid that he can't see posting something that's so obviously confrontational in the current economic climate that he'll receive the rough side of many peoples tongues. Apparently he's working with some smart people, well if that's the case he must be the village idiot. What was he thinking? Maybe some of the 20 IQ points I lost went to help him understand how to operate his microwave oven, I hope so, since I'll never get them back.

Then there was a discussion about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed being put on trial in NYC OMG how wrong is that..? Well hate to tell you this people but justice involves doing some stuff you don't like, laws need to be applied consitently and eliminating the 6th amendment is not consistently applying the law. Now as to why he'd being tried in criminal court, over being tried in a military court I don't know, but even then he has rights under the Geneva convention. Either way justice can only be served if the law is consistently applied, otherwise you might as well just summarily execute anyone you happen to feel has transgressed some local ordinance.

Heated discussions about Global Warming and whether it's man made or not (obviously Climategate hit the headlines). Well whether we're doing it or not isn't too relevant in the long term (mind you nothing is), the observable evidence points to it happening, and we're going to be effected by it somehow. It's like two people in a Prius arguing driving skills when they approach an oncoming 18 wheeler in their lane just before the crash.

Oh one other point I almost forgot... the "free press" and how it should be making people aware of issues in the economy, the government, etc. Well the free press isn't free, and it turns a profit and needs to. So no they're not going to come out and say "we're screwed, man the lifeboats" even if we are. They're going to send us back into the ballroom for another glass of champagne and the iceberg will miss us, because that sells newspapers, makes us tune in and watch the commercials, and so on, which all leads to profits for the company, unless the media is owned by a big survivalist company then they're never going to say "That's it man, game over man, game over! What the f*ck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?" (edited for profanity for our younger or more sensitive readers).

Ethanol is corrosive (this one I thought was totally hilarious). Do some research before spouting your propaganda, have some basic understanding of chemistry. No ethanol is not corrosive otherwise how would you buy your apparently daily 12 pack of King Cobra in a 24 ounce aluminum can? No you idiot, ethanol is not corrosive, but your chainsaw if it's old, or cheap will not like it because it has rubber fuel lines, seals and gaskets that are attacked by the ethanol, go buy some new ones and replace them and it'll run fine. It's a lot easier than getting the oil companies to sell you 100% gasoline again.

Actually I think that the last statement is accurate, the irritating thing about most forums is that everyone has their agenda, and their own propaganda. Whether it's taken from the media, from some action group, from some friend or acquaintance, or self derived. Frequently people don't think about the mechanics of what they are saying they don't stop and think about the physics, or the chemistry, the economic, biological, political or the sociological aspects (or many others that I haven't mentioned), they don't use their heads and think about what they're saying before they say it, or look at the bigger issue. Frequently some of these people don't even need to use any knowledge of any of the areas listed, they can simply apply a small amount of logic, to discover the holes in their argument, but they don't, it's lazy thinking, spout something out and expect other people to find the holes, or just not care that there are holes.

Anyway enough ranting, time to go cut more wood.


Anonymous said...

Just gotta sort the wheat from the chaff...people won't change..CAN'T change..

Or as Terry Goodkind put it..people are stupid.

That last sentence sums up most of my life/religion..."Screw it, I have wood to cut."


Urbancowgrrl said...

I was talking about similar stuff with my childhood friend, Leigh the other day and finally she just said, "I hate people." and I said, "Me too." And that pretty much summed it up.

My problem is I read the comments on local news sites (here in Seattle they are and and I start thinking how there are so many stupid people in the world. And I realize I must stop reading the comments on media sites.

So, you are living my dream out in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness yet the stupid people are still affecting you. I guess I can't escape it. But it does sound like having to go chop wood (or in my case muck the horse's stall) would definitely help ease the angst of dealing with our own species.

TDM said...


I join online communities because it's so !@#$ difficult finding like-minded souls in regular everyday meatspace. Either I'm a visionary, or I'm a total whackjob. Let's face it, the world is full of dumb@$$e$ (cf The Refreshment's fine fine song "Everybody Knows The World Is Full of Stupid People") and I have to imagine that being off-grid in the A-K has as one of its foremost pleasures the ability to know that there are hundreds of acres between yourself and the nearest jackanape.

Having said that, as I've said on, these online fora are like air to me. I've been the lone madman out on the edge of information/opinion for so long (amongst my local meatspace community -- although that's changing) that to find like-minded souls anywhere is a sure balm on my soul. If it has to be mediated by a cable modem, okay.

I'd rather we were all sitting on a Hawai`i-type island somewhere wondering whether we should spearfish on the north or south side today, and whether or not we should re-thatch the community hut before or after we eat that spearfished lunch. But as it is, I'll take me nuggets of encouragement where I find them, which these days is mostly online.

As for the doofuses that crash the online party, I have in my middle age (thankfully) become adept at avoiding getting entangled with the trolls. Your warrior soul may never get good at that, which is what it is, but I must say (after 5 or so years on usenet tilting at trolls and fighting the good fight in flamewar after flamewar) that I'm happy to let the friction pass me by. I have other needs for them calories.

Still utterly in awe of you two -- and VIVA!

Anonymous said...

As I was once told ---
IF breathing and heart beats were voluntary actions most of the 'general public' would be dead in less than 5 minutes!!

Lack of focus and thinking things through, so telling on the comments for many people!!

I sympathize :-)