Friday, January 15, 2010

Cold Front

As if the last few days of temps no higher than -30F weren't enough, we've got a cold front moving in... hahahah, priceless!! We've been 30 degrees below average, and 20 degrees below record the past 3 days... JOY!

It's currently -48F and falling... fast. The Weather Liars say it's going to get colder and stay in the -40 to -50 range (or lower) for the next 3-4 days, and we're supposed to get more snow. Which is totally weird, because it's actually too cold to snow... something freaky is going on with the weather gods! And to top it all off, we're supposed to get MORE wind... sheesh! I shudder to think what the wind chill factor is going to be if the ambient temp is -50!! YIKES!!

Finally had to break out the serious snow gear and parka to do the firewood thing today... no way were a few layers of thermals going to cut it! Generator runs for about 10 minutes before getting too cold to fire anymore. The batteries are freezing up and only hold charge for about 30 minutes, which is just long enough for the generator to have warmed up by the fire. I'm getting really tired of hearing the inverter alrm beep beep beeping. Think we may have to shut down for a while and only run the generator and get online for a couple of minutes here and there over the next couple of days. Thank goodness we have plenty of lamp oil and candles!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cr@p! Batten down the hatches! Haul up the mizzenmast!! Keelhaul the yardarm! Move the thing! And...and the *other* thing!

Thinking warm thoughts for you guys...


Anonymous said...

I would say something like, Y'all stay warm now, here! but that might be an oxymoron under the circumstances. I do hope you both stay safe, and look forward to hearing from you when it gets back to a balmy -10 or wherever the generator will kick in.

Quinton said...

I've been looking at the Underground Weather insert that you have on your page and it is not showing the low temps that you are having at you camp site. I have two thermometers on my porch and they almost always read different than what I see online. but not 30 degs off.
I get cold just hearing you talk about your weather. Stay warm!

Jeremy and Jenny said...

Hope yall have some bacon in the cache. I know when i'm out a workin' in the cold i really crave greasy meat. My hands got cold just reading your post. Here's hoping the temps break soon. Oh and could you shove some snow down colorado way.

Gungnir said...

Quinton:- you should check the calendar page

We posted this entry on Friday, which was 3 days into our cold snap, and it broke yesterday (Sunday) where the temp peaked at 3 below.

Jeremy (or Jenny):- Sure we have bacon :) it's the most important food group, I opened a can of our canned bacon for the first time yesterday, and while weird (paper wrapped in a can) it was like all bacon at least a 9 on the Yummy scale.

Anonymous said...


Keep warm, guys.