Friday, February 12, 2010

Jeans and a T-Shirt

Ok so today we're still experiencing our February heatwave. It was about 30 degrees, nice weather not too cold, not too hot. Problem is when you've acclimatize to -20 or so, when you rapidly warm to these kinds of temperatures, you seriously feel it. Maybe it's just dressing inappropriately, your so used to sticking on sweaters, jackets long johns, three pairs of gloves and two hats that you routinely dress for cold, and when it's not, you suffer in the heat. I was out on deadite patrol, and when I came in I had sweat running down my nose.

Anyway... I noticed that we have 24 followers, which is about 20 more than I'd expected when we started this. Hello to those relative newcomers and welcome to our humble blog. So must be going dinner's a-cookin' on the stove, and I need to get used engine oil off after giving an oil change to our generator.


wannabe1 said...

Thanks for "thanking" we followers. You two are more than brave and you should turn your blog into a book and a movie. I love to follow your updates.

Cortez said...

I enjoy your blog very much. We have property in the same subdivision. I am looking forward to my own Alaska adventure.

jbroomall said...

Followed you and PC from Miss your perspective there, but I think I understand your reasoning.

When I was a TA for an astronomy course while in grad school, I had a student who did research in Antarctica during the winter there. He would show up in January in Delaware in a tee shirt and jeans, while I was fond of goose down. Said he did not want to get de-aclimated from the cold.

Our recent pair of 20 inch snows (and dealing with them) have made me appreciate your posts more.

Best wishes for spring!