Friday, September 3, 2010

Cabin Building - Day 13

eeek!!  It's a Friday and our 13th building day... does that count as a Friday the 13th? Should we be expecting Jason Voorhees and his machete any minute now?!?!

Anyway...  We now have both sill beams built. Yay!

True to form, it started raining right when we were nailing in the last lamination. And all those tubes of adhesive that wet during the last rain?? Yeah, a few tubes exploded during use and oozed glue everywhere... my gloves are now a modern sculpture; but hey, I sure had a good strong grip on the beam for awhile there!

Also, par for the course, we realized that, not only are the corner piers 2+ inches too far out N-S, but the entire side is too far out by 6 inches E-W resulting in 16'6" instead of 16' to the outer edges.  This happened because we poured the pads and piers centered on the strings, not inside the strings... oops. S'OK though, we know how to lever them now and should be able to get them moved, everything squared up and marked so we can install the jacks on the piers tomorrow.

If we still have any energy after that, we'll auger out the 2" travel path for the jack screw and mortise out the jack plate seats and actually get the beams permanently attached to the piers. With the outer two joists in place to firm everything up so we can double/triple/quadruple check that it's all square, level and plumb.... and all the correct distances and lengths :)

The replacement brake lines still didn't come in the mail today.  There's been some sort of no-fly advisory the past couple of days, so our mail plane can't get here.  We can probably take all the wall posts down on the ATV in two trips without  harming it any more, but no way can we risk getting the rest of the 16-foot joists back until it's fixed. Ideally, we'd want to wait until the truck is fixed because that would be a million times faster and safer.

Don't know if I want to attempt putting up the wall posts until more of the joists are installed. So we might just build the first of the header beams after we finish up setting the sill beams, or maybe spend the day replacing the boots on the ATV and pray that we get mail on Monday Tuesday (forgot about Labor Day) and the brake lines are in it!

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