Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain, Break Up and Cabin Pics

Well, we got some rain today and it's raining again right now. Definitely amped up the snow melt around the place! Of course, we had to adjust our work schedule today so we could protect everything from getting soaked.

The guys finally dug all our tools out of the remaining snow and got the buried tarp enclosure put back up!

And they installed our first window upstairs because I got ambitious yesterday with 60F and cut out the hole in the house wrap and vapor barrier :)

(Tom hates ladders, so he actually got to hold the window from the inside while G-man played Spider-Man on the ladder outside)

The whole house is wrapped now, we just have to tape up the seams and get the doors & windows properly installed and we can start putting up the T1-11 siding.

(Tom's taken over Willow -- man has never ridden a 4-wheeler before coming here, and now he's tooling around like an old pro LOL)

I got the vapor barrier completely done and taped upstairs yesterday, so whenever we get the 8' drywall hung downstairs (or at least moved downstairs) so it's off the top of the stack, we can start hanging the 12' drywall in the loft.

Ripley really doesn't like it when I'm upstairs because the stairs aren't in yet and she can't get up there.

I did get the downstairs vapor barrier almost finished today... but we ran out with only 12' of the back wall left. DOH!!  Luckily, we can just do the rest of the room and leave a few of the 8' sheets off to the side out of the way to come back to once we go into town and pick up more vapor barrier. The primary thing was to get the east wall done so we could get the cabinets in! Still have to tape downstairs, and install the foam board around the rim joists, but that hopefully won't take too long.

So things are melting around the cabin....

But it's nowhere near as bad as around the tent...

Looks like we're going to get a reprise of Lake Wardle again this year, after all :(

But, hey, we did get a perfect example of frost heave. Remember that ditch we dug last year to drain the lake of melt and rain water we had in front of the tent? Well, it froze this winter and pushed all the soil in that area up... notice the layer of ice beneath the soil!

And one nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere... you can sight in your rifle right in your front yard while you're taking a construction break ;)

Our little cabin, so awesome even the heavens smile down upon it :)


Susan Stevenson said...

Great progress! I'd be excited about a window too.

The puddles are crazy this year, and the rain yesterday sure didn't help any. But so nice to see rain, rather than snow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the pictures. It is great to see your progress, see your tenacity, as wel as your spirit with the updates.

Looking forward to more updates as the weather changes for the better, but understand you wil probably be working not updating as frequent as we may like :)

HermitJim said...

I just know you are really looking forward to being able to start moving in!

What a great amount of progress you've made over the last few months!

The adventure continues!

Dan Lynch said...

Enjoyed the pictures, PC. You'll soon have a snug cabin that you can be proud of !

You two have a rifle ? Some of G's previous posts made me think he was kinda anti-hunting, or at least, anti-hunter ?

Gungnir said...

Hey Dan...

No I'm not anti-hunting, I'm anti shooting things for a trophy, or just because you can. If you hunt something you should respect the life you've taken by making use of as much of that creature as possible, skin it it can make a rug, or for leather, take the organs and meat, you can even take the bone and make needles, or feed them to the dog. There's not a lot of waste if you really try.

We're omnivorous (or at least I am, tending towards carnivorous), so we're consumers of meats fruits and veg, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having something next to the mashed potatoes and carrots that was wandering around previously.

We have rifles (plural) ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looking like its nearly a real home! I've been reading along for awhile and read about all the setbacks and sickness and reading this post just makes me so happy for you!

Hope Riley gets those stairs soon, she deserves to learn the joys of the second floor. Oh and you might enjoy stairs too.

-A fan from San Diego

Bob from Athens said...

Well even if you aren't meat eaters or huntters there are still things wandering around out there that do not scare away with a simple "go away" and they are not all four legged.

Anonymous said...

Love the progress... Thanks for the update PC... looks like your working that help hard. Good for you. lol He is going to miss the bush time. I know I do.


Marybeth said...

Looks great, and I can't wait for more pictures!!! Especially of the pantry LOL

Carla said...

How exciting, I can see the heavens smiling too:)