Sunday, May 27, 2012


Nearly 3 years and we finally have cold-n-cold running water ON TAP in both the kitchen and bathroom SINKS.

We filled up the big tank with 25 gallons (the minimum) and are leaving it to test the PEX lines and junctions for leaks... so far, so good. We barely have 2.5 psi of water pressure with virtually no head (maybe 6' of fall), but once we add the remaining 175 gallons that will add another 3' of head and get us closer to 4 psi.

I don't care that it's room temperature and won't blast out of the faucet... I don't have to wash my hands with a jug and basin or do dishes in a tub anymore, and that's just FREAKIN' AWESOME!!


Marybeth said...

How many gallons for a shower?

Plickety Cat said...

That would depend on the shower head we get eventually... but an ultra-low flow 10 minute shower normally takes about 25 gallons.

But the shower/bath/laundry is going to be in the future greenhouse... so we're still looking at bird-baths for now. But at least I can wash my hair better in the sink!

Dani said...

Brilliant - congrats! It's the small things which make all the difference :)

CottonLady said...

WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations..what a joy to find that little stream of water coming from a faucet!
Hope G-man's allergic reaction is better.

Geneva in MO said...

Whoop whoop!!!! Hamster dance time for sure!!!!!