Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Should I just get my gun out and shoot the truck?!"

Yes folks, this is exactly what my darling husband said to me after I made the kamikaze mission driving Sonja down the trail. Willow had a bit of an issue (ruptured hydraulics of some sort that we can't exactly identify) and there was no way I was hiking in all the gear we'd brought with us that day... so I slapped Red Sonja into 4WD and battered my merry way down the ATV trail. Piece of Cake :)

So I had to push over a few small trees (less than 9 inches in diameter) in a couple of places, and get a little creative around some of the larger trees. And wiggle my way around, over and through some gnarly stumps. And so what if I cracked the back of the rear plastic mud guard? (How that happened when I was going FORWARD I have no clue) And the forest ate our antenna... there's not much in way of radio out here anyway. Seriously, I have no idea what he was so all fired up about... the trail is mostly cleared and just wide enough 90% of the way; and our driveway was almost cleared enough to make an easy turn around. Ok, we did have to move the woodpile and murder a few of our neighbors trees to make the swing, but it's all good.

It was kinda funny watching the G-Man turn several shades of even whiter, hanging on to the "oh shit" handle while we were bouncing around like popcorn. But, see, he had some reservations about hurting a pretty truck. I, on the other hand, have no such qualms... we bought her for working on rough off-road conditions and, by golly, she was going to do her job. I take full responsibility for giving her first blood :) All Gungnir's objections and concerns were, of course, duly noted... even though he wouldn't have dreamed of taking a fully armored Land Rover down that trail, I knew Sonja and I could do it.

Sonja's momma's good girl. Oh yes she is :D

(PS - we did hike down the trail with the chainsaw today clearing out some of the tight spots... next time will be a breeze)


Anonymous said...

You guys are just too funny for words!

If you don't get a book out of this at some point, you will be missing a great opportunity!

Reading your blog is like reading a wilderness tale. Only I only get it doled out in little bits and pieces.

Good thing it's not a library book or it would be waayyy overdue! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Normally Cat and I do our blogging in near silence, with the exception of the occasional "Have you read the post by ###?" or "Did you read the new thread?".

Last night she kept laughing out loud and got to the point where she couldn't talk.

So she forwards me the link to the blog and now everyone in the office keeps asking what I'm laughing at.

Sam's right - you guys need to write a book.

Keep up the posts and best to you.


Anonymous said...

Yes. If you can countenance the thought without barfing, this'd make a fine film. Of course, H'wood would get it all heinously horribly wrong, but you'd already be seven digits to the better and that'd buy a looootta reloading raw material and suspension upgrades for Sonja.

Anyhoo. I know this ain't about me and all but I'm ready for 'nother Arctic Circle shout-out from my fave homesteaders. Hope all is well!

Viva -- Sager