Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10-18-09: What a Grind

Now that we finally got a good portion of our food stores out of our storage room in Fairbanks, we got to play with one of our new toys… our grain mill! The hard red winter wheat was a bit of a pain, and required three millings to get it fine enough that I’d actually consider it fluffy enough for bread flour. The yellow dent corn was a serious arm wrencher, but we like our corn meal coarse so only had to mill it twice (but several kernels did jettison out of the hopper and shoot across the room). The rye was truly easy by comparison and was nice fine flour on the second milling.

Now we just have to experiment with baking bread in our dutch oven in the open fire pit… we’ll keep you posted! (Beware, neither of us are accomplished bakers by any stretch of the imagination – I suspect we’ll make a few charred doorstops before we get something edible)

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