Monday, October 5, 2009

The Charge of the Light Brigade...

Ok so, you read PC's mention that she was late and so she was.

Thursday I hadn't heard the news, so waited up to about 3:00am Friday to see whether she'd be back, and no she wasn't... Eek! I checked the road a couple of times on Willow our ATV, no joy. Much concerns about car trouble, and cold nights, or minor off road spills leading to nasty conclusions stuttered through my brain for those hours, not a pleasant experience.

Anyway at 9:00 on Friday I was scooting down the Elliot to Manley on Willow, in sub-zero temperatures, with a fresh dusting of snow, counter-steering like crazy and fishtailing as I sped at up to 50 on fresh pack (yes I'm crazy at times). Then found out from Gladys that Jennine was delayed in Fairbanks. Whew! Later that day PC got home and I was even more relieved.

Anyway, time to go make calls, and take my dinner home a Spruce Grouse, shot with my 40S&W Springfield on the easement of our property as I was heading in to shower, check mail etc. Sorry to Sager, since this was just a drive out see the bird and pop off at it. Not much of a hunting tale... :(

'til next time kiddies.

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