Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sonja is all equipped...

So the main reason for being in Fairbanks this week was to get the Winching points completely installed (since we couldn't get the bed hitch last time) and the full winterization package done.

Both were done with minimal issues (although the winterization took longer, since apparently they only have one "large" lift where we took it, which created an intense stress moment, that I took out on the service assistant and manager, good times...) but they completed it in about two and a half hours which was a redeeming factor.

The bed winch point was done with minimal issues, kudos to Bulletproof in Fairbanks for the custom hitch, and fast completion.

All I need today is for a quick trip to Sams Club, and to swing by Petco. Then off back to the old homestead.


Anonymous said...

I have wondered how you were going to get Sonja started when it is minus forty outside. Having it winterized makes great sense, but are you using synthetic oil?

Regular petroleum based oil becomes a sludge at very cold temps, while full synthetic oil remaims in its liquid state. I'm confident you have thought of this, and the locals probably offer good advice about coping with winter driving in a harsh climate.

I greatly enjoy your blog. Hope the bears are now slumbering away...


Anonymous said...

And to think, by next year, all this new stuff you're learning/doing will be old hat.

It's gotta be good for the brain to be stimulated like this. HERE'S TO BRAINS! [smile]

Viva -- Sager