Friday, October 23, 2009

I need a new camera!

Awesome northern lights going on right now. Super bright green swirls with pink, red, and purple streaks. Unfortunately, neither my Canon or my phone is capturing them at all :( Maybe Santa will get me an SLR for Christmas.

It's a truly beautiful sight... I can only imagine how gorgeous this must look at home since it's this pretty here in Fairbanks. Poor G-man is probably sleeping through it since it's way past his bedtime.

It's at times like this that I fully appreciate Alaska and remember why I put up with the cold and bad roads.

Here are a few that Kari managed to catch with her camera:


Anonymous said...

Good Lord that's beautiful!


Unknown said...

You guys are crazy. I miss you both.
Julie Brogren

Anonymous said...

Um, it's been ten days now since we've heard from you. You're probably busy surviving and all that, but just the same, it would ease some anxieties if you would type a few words at us.