Saturday, December 26, 2009

Squeak squeak squeak

Imagine you're driving down a bumpy road with a cheap styrofoam cooler in the car. Everytime you hit a bump or make a turn that cooler lets out a chirp. You know that really annoying styrofoam squeak... even more irritating than the cricket you can't find in the middle of the night.

Got it? Are you totally reliving and embracing the squeak?

Now, imagine that you aren't next to the cooler, but are actually inside the cooler.

Yeah... that's what it is like being inside a foamboard insulated tent when the wind is gusting 40 mph.

Squeak.........squeak.squeak...chirp..........squeeaaaaal...sqk............. squeeeeaaaaaaak......chirp

I may have to kill something soon ;)


Anonymous said...

If you and Gungnir are musically inclined then this is a good time to have a ho-down. If not then turn the radio up to just past being able to hear the squeak. And remember this too shall pass... unless of course you plan to insulate your house with the noisy stuff :-) Bottom line.... Don't kill anything today you might need tomorrow :-o


Anonymous said...

My dog wife snores...the cat purrs and has an inappropriate sense of when I ought to get up...this old box creaks...yep...I feel your pain...except the frostbite's almost 60 degrees here today...


Sam.... said...

LOL! Sorry, but it's funnier to read than experience. My sympathies to you two.

Anyway, just wanted to wish you both a belated Merry Christmas and immensely large wishes for a great new year.

As always, I think I speak for all your loyal followers when I say that we truly appreciate what you are doing and your willingness to share your trials and tribulations with us.

All the best -

Linda Foley said...

LOL Hehehe... Oh I can imagine!

Urbancowgrrl said...

Of all the trials and tribulations of the Arctic I never would've imagined that styrofoam would be your undoing. Then again it makes so much sense. I no longer feel sorry for myself in regards to the pitbull snoring.