Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Houston, We Have Touch Down

We started the last section of trail clearing at the may pole today.  Here's me trudging through with my little Shindaiwa, wearing my ultra-sexy do-rag and work jeans that are about 2 sizes too big :)  That mangey critter in front of me is Ripley, who is currently blowing her winter coat and looking very scruffy.

But, miracles of all miracles, we did make it to the center marker. The driveway trail is now officially complete. Tomorrow we'll drive the truck down it to see if we need to widen any tight spots, but other than eventually laying in gravel, we're done with the trail.  Good thing too, cuz I've got blisters on calluses on blisters and my back hasn't worked right for days. Well, we still have to slear the building site after we finish up the surveying. But that shouldn't take but a couple days since we plan to have a huge bonfire to celebrate which sure makes clearing brush piles  a LOT easier!  :-D

Ahhhh, looking back at a job well done!!  OK - so the trail is a little winding because I never could manage to get a straight line even with the compass, GPS and marking paint; but it's kinda nice not to be able to look straight on down and see the cabin from the main trail/road. A little bit of privacy, courtesy of a few gentle bends in the path, is a good thing in my opinion. 

Whew! I'm still can't believe that we're finally done with this project. It was really beginning to feel like it would last forever. HaHa- the "trail with no end" has now met its end!


Roasted Garlicious said...

thats quite the project!!! you and puppy look great by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats are definitely in order! Jolly good show!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Alright, enough patting yourself on the back. lets get that dwelling up by the 1st week of June and have the alternate road/trail graveled and the well dug and the turbine set up and the wood chopped and stacked and the fishing finished and dried and arghhhhhhhhhhh Easy for me to say I didn't break a sweat (do they sweat in AK?)

No really I think you guys rock (or is it chop) anyway congrats :-)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I (both senior citizens) have been following your progess since well before you left the Lower 48 for Alaska. We don't post much but we follow what you are doing with interest.

When you survived a winter in that tent we realized you are indeed truly resourceful (something you mentioned to me in an e-mail before you left Washington).

Congratulations are indeed in order. We look forward to continued progress reports on your experience. Good luck and best wishes!


Unknown said...

I just came across your blog recently, and have been greatly enjoying reading your posts of your adventure! Thank you so much for sharing it. We are moving to the Fairbanks area this summer, and are hoping to retire from the army up there.