Monday, May 31, 2010

Please Stand By...

Fire has slowed down and the Fire Service says to stay put for the night, so we're not evacuating yet. Everything is all packed up and ready to go if things should change though.

Talk about a mad scramble!!

Got to the truck and freakin' battery was dead from all the winching we had to do to get the truck out of the sucking morass of non-newtonian fluid they euphemistically call "mud" up here.  One of our neighbors had a few spares, so we're charging them up and will go back out and see if the stupid truck starts... otherwise, it's the starter or alternator, which is way more of a problem.

At least the Fire Service now know we're back here, and our neighbors will be keeping in touch with us via mail. Someone will be able to give us a ride into Manley if the truck won't start... just don't think Charlie kitty will be really happy going 20 miles down the hwy in her little cat carrier on the 4-wheeler and there ain't no way I can walk that with my pack/BOB and towing animals!

It never rains but it pours, eh?


Unknown said...

Hi PC,

I am truly sorry to hear of your situation, I really hope the Fire Dept can contain the blaze and keep it from your estate (and the lumber).

Hope that the cat and dog aren't too spooked by the ordeal? Best of luck to you both and keep safe - just remember that valuables can be replaced, human/animal life cannot!

Good luck,

Gungnir said...

Thanks for your well wishes but it's not just us, there are maybe 20 families up around us in the danger zone.

The sad thing is that if the state hadn't had its upper body firmly embedded in it's lower body this wouldn't have happened. Since Wednesday they've had several opportunities to stop this thing coming any further south and west and haven't done a damn thing. The biggest effort made was last night by the locals where about 1/2 mile firebreaks were cut either side of the Elliott running east and west in all of about 2 hours.

It didn't instill a high degree of confidence in the fire fighting team when the fire boss only found out last night how many people there were living around here.

At the moment things are ok, the wind changed and moved it north and east, and the cooler night temps dropped it down a little, we'll know more of where it's moving and how fast later today.

On a positive note you can bet your ass that however we come through this, there'll be nice big fire breaks between the forest and our buildings.

Anonymous said...

I'm still monitoring your situation with trepidation and concern. Please let all of us know as soon as the danger has passed. Thanks for taking your valuable time to keep us up-to-date so far.

Kim said...

Hi Guys.....hope things have taken a turn for the better. Please stay safe...let us know how you get on. Lots love Kim & Tris xx

Urbancowgrrl said...

Boy, I don't read your blog for a few days and all hell has broken loose! I'll be thinking of you guys and hoping for the best. How scary!

Unknown said...

Has your situation improved? The silence is rather worrying.

Thinking of you both,