Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doing well

Sorry for the delay with updates, things have just been totally hectic!!

So, later on Monday the fire flared back up and started jumping back and forth over the highway headed in our direction.  Once it got over the ridges and started heading toward the flats, the locals all got together and cut some massive firebreaks with their own mining equipment around homesteads above the highway and at the gravel pit before the residential area under the highway. Since our trail was in such bad/muddy shape and we'd have to travel into the fire to get to the highway if it did get to us, we decided to take the valuables and pets into Manley and set up temporary camp in Paul & Penny's travel trailer, then went back out to help the clearing efforts.

The Fire Service finally got on the ball Monday afternoon when we got upgraded to Type 3 and it went to Federal jurisdiction. They started dousing the firebreak with water and retardant and lit a back burn on the other side.  Between that, cool temps overnight, the wind shifting back toward the NE, and some rain today, the fire turned back on itself and appears to have burned itself out.

There are still a few spot fires here and there, including a back burn they got a little over zealous with (gov't assistance = more harm than good sometimes!); but we should know tomorrow whether it's really out and safe for us to return home.  On a positive note, no one lost any structures, and only one property got totally burned to the ground (around the house, which was ok)... and none of our lumber went up in flames (at least not yet -- knock wood).

The trail is a complete mess, and likely to be even worse with the water dumps and the rain; but we'll manage to deal with that... at least we still have a home to go to and lumber to build the new one :)

We are sooooo exhausted. Feels like we could sleep for a week :)


Anonymous said...

Guys -
Glad to see things seem to be improving. I'm still keeping all bits and pieces crossed until the "all clear" has sounded.

Take care out there!

Linda said...

Good news to hear. You and your area have been in my thoughts and prayers. Been following your progress : ) and set backs :( for awhile. Enjoying the good ones and "oh no" on the not so good (tent down, fire)
I like the good so much better.

Plans myself to put up a walled tent for another Outpost base camp in our woods. Building a small cabin in a couple of yrs so very much looking forward to your buildings and adventures. Living in an old vintage trailer in the woods and loving it.

Take good care, be safe


Ann Wardle - Mom said...

Hope it keeps on getting better.

Take care of yourselves and the fur people.

Quinton said...

Wow! You have had your share of tough times. It's gotta get better soon.

CJ said...

I'm glad the fire stopped spreading. Now, hopefully the rest of the summer is calmer as far as fires go, huh?

PIO Tom said...

Another quiet day on the fire, and hopefully this rain tonight in Manley made it to Eureka, too. I must have missed you at the lodge today -- but I'll see you around. Darrel or Daryl was way relaxed today and having a good time. Flew back and forth across the fire several times and gave us a full report. We enjoy working with him and the others in the community.

PIO Tom, the Manley Info Man

Gungnir said...

Hey Tom, that's good.

I was at Darrell's when he came back from his flyby, apparently he only saw half a dozen smoking spots yesterday, and the only concern was down by the Hut where the fire jumped the break. Which was a little smoky but not roaring. I think that the undiscovered marshy area to his North calmed him down a lot.

I'll go see whether this rain got to Eureka later on this morning. hopefully I can get back to worrying about more mundane problems like lumber building and trails. Although I think our clearings around our buildings are surely going to get some additional space over the Firewise regs.