Monday, August 30, 2010

Cabin Building - Day 9

Stopped raining for the time being.  Spending most of our time managing flood issues and drying things out.

Positive notes: We got the masonry bits and concrete anchor bolts in the mail today, so we can attach the jacks to the concrete piers and then set the sill beams.  We did get the brake fluid in the mail today, but no brake lines or bleeders... so the truck is still out of commission and we can't haul the rest of the lumber yet :(

We can laminate the beams as soon as it's dry enough for the adhesive to cure and we aren't sinking in the mud working, but it's all kind of pointless until we can get at least a few of those 16-foot joists down there to square things up. Otherwise, we've just got some beams sitting on piers, that can't be attached because we need to make sure they're square, which we can't do until we get the joists.

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