Saturday, August 7, 2010


Seems that ECHO failed to mention, in it's product safety brochure, that one should beware of high-speed pine cones being shot at you with gatling effect when sending conifers through the BearCat chipper/shredder!! And they sure didn't mention that said missiles of death can and will ricochet off everything in the forest just so they can hit that sweet-spot where your ribs don't quite cover your kidneys, or the other sweet-spot under your shoulder blade that causes your entire arm to be paralyzed for several seconds, or that soft little sweet-spot in your temple that causes you to blackout temporarily.

Mind you, at no time during any of these occurances was I standing anywhere near the input or exit chutes!!  The kidney killer got me across the clearing while I was behind the brush pile. The shoulder mamer got me when I was standing in the clearly marked "safe zone" to the back side of the chipper. And the temple nailer got me when I was leaning down behind the ATV.

I don't even want to try figuring the probabilities of those mathematical feats of physics :)

You wouldn't think something roughly the size of a kumquat would hurt so bleeding much; but seriously, I have welts... and bruises.


Quinton said...

Hummm? A square + B square = C square always works well for me. I often think about a phrase frequently used by my welding foreman..."We arn't making watches here Weaver" Many times "close" is good enough and trying to get to perfect is just a waste of time.

Gungnir said...

Hey Quinton, I think this relates to the latest post, but we're informal here... :)

I agree on the close enough, the issue is knowing how close is close enough. Anyway yesterday we had a fine day with Batter Boards, joy!

More of the same today and with some luck we'll get the gravel footers down (Yay!).

TDM said...

Sounds like you have Chipper Gremlins. I suggest you sprinkle single-malt around the site to drive them away.

Or: use the single-malt for medicinal purposes. Your call...