Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cabin Building - Day Five

Slowly moving materials and tools back to the build site in small loads on the ATV. Have to be careful not to damage the it while waiting for the truck's replacement brake line or we'll be completely without a vehicle with no way to get into the village to pickup the parts... which would not be good :(

A few more small trips in the morning and we should be ready to build the laminated sill and header beams. I'll probably get that started while G takes the ATV down the highway (30-ish miles) to check the Post Office for our parts delivery.  Pray pray pray the "overnight express" really is overnight this time and we can fix the truck over the weekend to get the lumber that's too big for the ATV back to the site.  Really, it's just not safe trying to haul back 16-footers strapped to the ATV like joisting lances -- LOL. And 4x8 sheet goods? fuhgeddabowdit!

SIGH -- did I happen to mention that we really need to get a utility trailer one of these days?

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope by now that the truck is fixed and you are back on the hauling road again. :)