Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cabin Building - Days 16 to 21

It's basically been pouring off and on since we got the first beam up. After zapping myself on the generator and the drill, we decided to wait out the wet instead of trying to work between showers. Finally got two days with almost no rain, so we finally have both sill beams up, with the first two joists installed, and everything is about as plumb, level and square as we can reasonably make it. I think we can live with a 1/2" tolerance over 24'  :)

As you can see, it's sturdy and stable :)

The truck brake line finally came in, but they neglected to send the flaring tool with the rest of bits in the box.  Arrrrgg.  We borrowed one from a neighbor, but it's not the right one for stainless steel line; will try another neighbor tomorrow... and if he doesn't have the right tool for it, I can always pay him to haul the truck into Fairbanks on a flat-bed behind his big-rig. What a PITA.  Still hoping to have the truck fixed this weekend before the last load of building supplies get delivered on Monday.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a little taste of our day -- at least the end of every work day :)  You might need a barf bag, though -- hahahahaha


Sam.... said...

Well, that was certainly entertaining. Good thing I hadn't eaten lunch yet!

I didn't realize there was that much distance between your current quarters and the one you're building. Just how far apart are the two?

Still, it must be quite a kick to look around and think, "This is all mine - all mine. Hahahahahaha!"

Plickety Cat said...

The two sites are a little over 1/4 mile apart. The tent is on the NW corner of the property, and the cabin is almost in the dead center.

Hard to appreciate when you're flying by on the ATV, but it's a really nice walk. Especially now with the aspens turning gold and the birches turning red.

It's so nice to stand at the center marker and know you own everything that you can see! At ground level, that doesn't count as much because you can't see very far through the trees... but even from the 2nd floor bedroom window our view is still our property, with the mountains way off in the distance.

Unless one of our neighbors builds something really tall, our big trees on the property should always be a screen. AHHHH bliss.

Lori said...

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