Thursday, June 25, 2009

Final day at the old slave oar

my name is Mark, and I am a slave...

Well, time has come around and tomorrow is my final day at the slave oar.

It's kind of weird, I'm excited and nervous all in one, I guess tonight is going to be the big scary one. Tomorrow it's done, and the chain of events are set. So stress should begin to fall off after that.

Hopefully I'll be able to begin to sleep more normally again, I've been bouncing out of bed on adrenaline at 5-5:30 for the past year, the Slavery Oar has a large amount of stress in the repeated pulling and pushing of it. Mainly because a lot of those in the Galley ranks couldn't find their ass with both hands a map and a flashlight. So rather than everyone doing their job more than half of the time you're dodging to avoid getting crushed.

On a more postive note I'm writing this on my nice new laptop, in Ice blue so I can lose it in an Alaskan winter.

I bumped into an old friend today too, while using up some of my limit of personal goods we can buy discounted from the slave galley. Had a good chat, he thinks its awesome, but asked how I was going to make beer in the cold.

Anyway short and bitter like espresso that's me.

Off again.

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