Friday, June 12, 2009

The Food That Never Ends!

I've been holding off posting our "Food Storage" entry until I was done processing all of it. Man, what an undertaking! Seems like all I've been doing for the past week is scooping, bagging, vacuum-sealing and bucketing food. We're on the home-stretch now, so I'll get a fully illustrated entry up soon and finally be able to get to work on the other pressing projects!

Eeeeek!! The clock is ticking down so quickly, and everything seems to be taking much longer than it should. Hopefully, that will turn around once the big projects are done, and all the little "wrap up" stuff will go much more quickly.

I think once the food is done and we can start loading boxes into the living room again, everything will go much faster. It is so easy to underestimate the extra hassles that will be created when you have boxes lined up in the hall and foyer, and you have to step around or over stuff everytime you need to do something. Seriously, I nearly burst my bladder the other day because I just didn't want to navigate the maze in the hallway.

I swear, I am soooo tired of stubbing my toes, skidding across the floor and tripping over stuff. Once the last lid gets snapped on those food buckets, it'll be time for a serious bout of cleaning and organizing. Then the real packing can commence!

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