Friday, November 27, 2009

Mountains of citrus!!

My folks are just awesome! We picked up our mail in Manley this afternoon and there were two boxes full of fresh citrus and other goodies from "down south" waiting for us. Nothing like getting a big ol' box of Texas sunshine when the snow clouds are coming in and it looks like we're in for another week of -40F.

Next year (hopefully) when we get the smokehouse built, I'm sure they'll be happy to send us up some mesquite chips for the red meats in exchange for some homemade alder-smoked salmon and moose steaks. Once we get some feeder hogs, I'm going to have to source some apple wood for the chops and hickory for the bacon. It pays to think ahead and find people who are willing to swap local resources with you when you're homesteading... equitable trading is always better than forking over tons of cash to a big box supplier!

MMMMM... all this talk of food, I must be hungry, better go dig into some of those yummy turkey leftovers :)


Anonymous said...

You guys are an inspiration. I just read all your postings from mid July to present.

Good tidings to you both, I'll be checking in regularly.

AS mentioned by someone earlier, this is definately book material...

Septimus (on the CM site)

- Bruce

Anonymous said...

Second that (the book thang). If you ever decide to go that way, I have a very good friend in the book biz...

Viva -- Sager