Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weeeee're baaaaaack!

As you can tell by the plethora of back-dated posts, we're finally back online again!! Now you all won't have to wait so long between installments and then get inundated with a bunch all at once :)

Big, super, mega hugs to our neighbor, Dave, for getting us hooked up with the rest of the world again before he leaves for the season! And even greater hugs to him and his wife, Jordan, for inviting us over tomorrow for a hot shower and Thanksgiving dinner. We are truly blessed to enjoy such luxuries with two really great folks!

Long live the Eurekans!!

(Apparently, we live in Eureka not Manley. Of course, Eureka was just an old mining claim and is now a complete ghost town, and was/is 10 miles north of us... but if the Manleyites won't claim us, I'm more than proud to be a Eurekan!)


Sam.... said...

Hey Guys!
Just caught up with all your back-logged posts.

I am in absolute awe of you guys! It's like reading serialized chapters of a book as the plot is developing in real time.

I must confess that I'm glad to be the one reading the story and not living it. After a 10-year stint in Fargo, ND, I've had enough sub-zero weather to last me a lifetime!

I may not comment that often, but rest assured that I read each installment with fascination.

Take care you two.

Addcore said...

Great to finally have you guys online. Does that mean that Mark will be on Xbox Live now?

Take care,
Paul Anderson

Gungnir said...

Sam, thanks for the kind words.

Paul, no not at the moment, why? you need some help increasing your ranking?