Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pics coming soon (promise)

No, I haven't forgotten that I promised you all photos of the wall tent and such. Guess I'm a little house-proud on that front… really want to get all the "improvements" done so that everything is neat, tidy and put away before I show anyone (*blushing*). But have no fear, the insulation is the last major project precluding me from takings pics, and we'll be working on that next week ( although we might need a few more things from Fairbanks… grrrrrrr, you're always one short on something, aren't you?).

It would be nice if the tool shed was done, but I can cram most of that stuff in the food cache (the first steel shed) or under the deck until we get it put together (tiny metal nuts and freezing temps, not fun). Still don't have back stairs or our second wood crib built, but other things took priority (and all those trips to Fairbanks eat up your time!). Didn't get a chance to erect our pole woodshed because the ground froze on us and I'm not even going to try digging post holes in that… a tarp is good enough for next year's wood and this winter's wood can get stacked under the deck.

All-in-all, while things are going a bit slower than I'd hoped, everything is coming together nicely and soon we'll be able to dedicate most of our time to scoping out our home site and finding/collecting timber for the house framing. I'll make sure to bring the camera on our forays. I can't guarantee that the batteries will last long in the cold… but I'll try to take more photos of the property for ya'll :)

G-Man sez...
Here's a pic I took the other day just to keep you all happy for a moment, I call it Moonrise at 20 degrees

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Cloudfire said...

Excellent shot, Gungnir!

A nearly perfect golden ratio, too . . .