Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sub-freezing Carpentry

So, I'm outside trying to cut down some lumber to make a few needed storage units and some framing to install the insulation. Normally, even when it's cold, working outside is not a major problem; but today it's hovering around 20F and it's windy as all hell (gusts up to 30 mph). There's also snow on the ground and all over my lumber because the wind blew the tarp half-way across the yard. Here are just a few of the problems I ran into:

• Being pelted in the eyes with wind-blown snow and saw dust that got trapped behind my safety glasses (G-man had the same problem when he was bucking firewood)
• Some of the lumber was actually frozen together
• Some of the lumber was actually frozen solid and refused to be cut
• Battery life on the cordless tools was about an hour (switched to corded tools on the generator and recharged the batteries)
• Cords on corded tools will NOT bend out of the way and the sockets are frozen
• Had to let everything warm up before I could drill or screw… which meant I had to assemble all these units INSIDE our space-limited tent (which also meant I had to move everything we owned a few times and be really mindful of where I was in relation the stove!)
• It was so windy that my tools kept blowing across the ice on the deck
• I went snow-sailing across the yard when the wind caught the sheet of plywood I was carrying
• Not being able to work the safety AND the trigger on the power tools with my stupid Gumby gloves on

Ahhhh JOY! Life is good.

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