Thursday, July 29, 2010

A touch of civilization

We just got our SunDanzer ultra-efficient DC freezer set up today!  Oh how nice it is to be able eat something other than canned goods in the summer :D  And we can freeze the blue-ice blocks to keep the coolers cold, so no more icky ice-watery mess to deal with. We got the smaller one, 5.8 cu, but it looks like we're going to need to go shopping/fishing/hunting again to fill it up. Nice thing about this model is that is can run on a single 75W solar panel with a 12v battery back-up in our climate... and we only have to run it 6 mos out of the year anyway. I'm celebrating with a lovely glass of iced tea... with real ICE, and wild blueberries from our patch, thank you very much :)

My folks also got us a little propane stovetop with broiler compartment for my birthday, and G got me a airpot thermal carafe. So now we can make coffee in a snap and keep it hot all day. But the ultimate coolness was simple melted cheese on toast in the little broiler since we've been without top-heat cooking for a year. Have to see what it does with biscuits since drop biscuits in the skillet are getting a little old.

So, we might not be able to build the cabin yet, but we're starting to get a more civilized "kitchen" anyway :)

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Sam.... said...

Funny how the smallest pleasures are magnified when you've had to do without them for so long. Enjoy!

Good to see you posting - it's been awhile. Each day I would check to see if there was "a letter from home". Each day the mail box was empty. Sigh...

Now I've had my fix. Thank you! :~)