Friday, July 9, 2010

Manual Sump "Pump"

Baling the drainage trenches with 6 gallon buckets and then lugging them 50' to a "dry" location was really getting old and tiresome. So we designed a slightly less manual approach. We drilled a hole in the bottom of the side of a 30 gallon galvanized trash can, then threaded a 2" faucet fitting into it. We put that rig up on a platform we made from sawhorses and some spare lumber so that we have about 5' of head. We then attached a 50' garden hose to the faucet and chucked that out as flat as possible into the tundra. Now all we have to do is bale 5 buckets into the trash can, take a 15-20 minute break and come back and do it again... all day long. 

After several hours, I think we're finally getting ahead of flow rate into the trenches... but just barely. At least we're not walking through the brush with 50 lbs of cold muddy water bucket anymore and we are starting to see a little more land poking up in our yard.

Please please please let the Weather Liars be wrong about the expected showers the rest of the week!!!

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